Class 7 Project 08/28/10: Just finished thumbnails for the entire short! That really helped me work out some minor kinks... This'll help a lot for the story meeting! 08/23/10: Co-Director Aidan Martin and I have agreed on a story outline we both like! Will be scheduling that polishing short meeting VERY SOON!! 08/17/10: Class is BACK IN SESSION! A few refinements need to be made on the newest pitch, and then an in depth, polishing story meeting (hopefully in the next week or two)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Pete Wentz here wishing you a happy halloween from all of us here on Fall Out Boy!

What did you dress up as? Pictures or it didn't happen!

Concepts in MS Paint! WHATCHOO GOT???

The race begins! This is a very early concept for one of the pitches for this project. It's a bit more cutesy than I would like, but I am just getting used to my tablet, so there will be more gritty work to come :D


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to Class 7

Class 7 Project is a short film that will begin pre-production at the beginning of 2010. The goal is to present an enjoyable short film at the highest level, and to enter this short into the film festival circuit.

We are a group of dedicated artists with a singular goal in mind -- to entertain you. With this in mind, please give us as many comments and critiques as you can spare; we love feedback!

And follow us! We'll have updates regularly, and will keep our followers posted on the film's production (and pre-production, and pre-pre-production).

Thanks for visiting!