Class 7 Project 08/28/10: Just finished thumbnails for the entire short! That really helped me work out some minor kinks... This'll help a lot for the story meeting! 08/23/10: Co-Director Aidan Martin and I have agreed on a story outline we both like! Will be scheduling that polishing short meeting VERY SOON!! 08/17/10: Class is BACK IN SESSION! A few refinements need to be made on the newest pitch, and then an in depth, polishing story meeting (hopefully in the next week or two)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Concept Sketch: 28 Seconds

This is a rough concept on a napkin for another pitch idea called "28 Seconds." The story follows a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who finds himself cornered in a medical office by a zombie. But the zombie isn't exactly what the survivor was expecting.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Concept Sketch: The Addiction

The first concept for another short idea called The Addiction. It's a much darker story than "Fear No Obstacle", but I don't think this will keep it from being appealing or funny. Story pitches to come soon!

Here's the song that inspired the mood of this piece.